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What is Islam

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
In The name of ALLAH
(The One and Only True Creator, GOD),
The Entirely Merciful, The Especially Compassionate


The Arabic word Islam literally means
“surrender”, “submission” and “obedience’
to the One and Only Creator ALLAH.

HE (GOD)was not born, nor does HE (GOD)
have offspring. There is none like HIM. Not in
the heavens nor above, not in the earth or the
seas nor below, not among any or all beings.

One who submits humbly and willingly,
prostrates (bows down on his face) and
worships The True, One and Only God, alone,
is called a Muslim.

There is no compulsion (forcing) to become
a Muslim or follow Islam.

You do it out of willing submission, total
obedience and humble surrender to worship
the One and Only True God,
The Only Creator of all and everything.

ALLAH – this is the arabic word for –> (The One True GOD, The CREATOR of all that exists)


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